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and i kill myself for your love.. [entries|friends|calendar]
i'm killing myself for you

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[21 Sep 2005|01:41am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Well, I was going to put mushy goth kid lyrics in here, but I decided that a drinking song fits my giddy weekend mood (on a Tuesday) much more appropriately.

At the pub on the crossroads there's whiskey and beer
There's brandy from cognac that's fragrant but dear
But for killing the thirst and for raising the gout
There's nothing at all beats a pint of good stout

At the pub on the crossroads I first went astray
There I drank enough drink for to fill Galway Bay
Going up to the mourning I wore out me shoes
Going up to the cross for the best of good booze

Some folk o'er the water think bitter is fine
And others they swear by the juice of the wine
But there's nothing that's squeezed from the grape or the hop
Like the black liquidation with the froth on the top

I've travelled in England, I've travelled in France
At the sound of good music I'll sing or I'll dance
So hear me then mister and pour me one more
If I cannot drink it up then throw me out the door

It's Guinness's porter that has me this way
For it's sweeter than buttermilk and stronger than tea
But when in the morning I feel kind of rough
Me cursin' lord I be who brews the damned stuff
Drink it up, men! It's long after ten!

Now... should I actually write a real entry? I guess so. A little bit.

While I was in Boston last weekend, the lady from the apartments called. It excited me for a minute, until I realized I have no where NEAR enough money for an apartment at the present time. I put my phone number in the database so they could call me down the road if they still had a unit available, but I guess they forgot that already.

What else... I got two new pairs of jeans the other day, and that made me WAY too happy. God, I suck. Maybe I should change the lyrics back to the gothrock song after all...


On Saturday or Sunday... it must have been Saturday? Me, my two besties Sean and Zack, and Pat went to Adrian's house in Norwood and knocked back a few. John, Rich, Brian Anderer, and Jeff Clark also joined us. Zack bought Hypnotiq, which for you dummies is like.. fruit punchy cognac. DELICIOUS. Anyway, that was an awesome time. Adrian is increasingly sexy.

Last night I went with Sean and Pat to see the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Thinking back, it was VERY scary. Just to think about like... a normal girl screaming and cursing and twisting around like that is really disturbing. Hopefully Friday I'll get to see the Corpse Bride, as I am in need of a new Johnny movie, and also in dire need of seeing the new Goblet of Fire trailer.

Talked to a friend I haven't talked to in a long time, we caught up on a lot, and talked about the good old days. It was nice.

I guess that's about it?



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[15 Aug 2004|02:59pm]

Keep your hands off of my journal, motherfucker!

But, if you think you should be added, comment here. :D
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